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Asian Export and Import Limited is registered in England No 05458807,
Registered Office is 60 Delvin Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Brstol BS10 5EH
VAT Registration No 879 6796 27

We have offices in Beijing, China atRoom 2002, Tower 2, BoPu Centre Plaza, Xinhua Street, Daxing District, Beijing 102600, CHINA

Our China Directors are Ciao Liqun & Zou Yingqiong tel:13701068098

The Directors of Asian Export and Import Ltd in the UK are John Brooks and Luo Huizhen.
They will personally be responsible for your enquiries and will manage your business requirements within the company.

John Brooks is a UK resident and has long term business experience and project
management skills. His business interests include consultancy in building
conservation, internet services and communications, product design and
development, sales & marketing, public speaking, training and is also the inventor
of patented engineering products and processes. He has travelled extensively in
Europe, North America and Asia. He is responsible for operations and sales and is Managing Director.

Luo Huizhen was resident in the manufacturing heartland of southern China and relocated to
the UK in 2007. She oversees the Asian based business of the company in conjunction with WeiXiong, who is resident in Southern China as "person in charge"of manufacturing in China.
Huizhen has an extensive network of professional and business contacts in China.
She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, translating for the business
community in China, and has travelled in Europe and throughout the UK. Her
communication and organisational skills coupled with local & cultural knowledge
are an invaluable resource in this business. She is the Commercial Director.

Please speak to us about the needs of your business on 0117 9622374 or email: directors@asianexportandimport.com