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Whatever your specialist defence or detection requirement, if you need to import from Asia or USA/Europe, we are here to help you.

We specialise in providing security and defence systems to suit the need of end users throughout the World. The equipment illustrated below is just a small selection of the type of product that you can procure through our company.

Simply give us the specification or other requirements of your wish-list and we will procure these systems using our network of specialist suppliers with whom we have well established business relationships.

However there may be restrictions on the export / import of certain equipment in some category of product classification. If an import or export licence is required this can take a long time and in some instances may not be possible to obtain depending upon the end user or other governmental restrictions. We will advise you of this before committing you to any cost.

As suppliers to military, special forces, SWAT teams, police forces and other specialist counter terrorist departments of national and provincial governments, we have a wide range of experience in the provision of the most up to date and advanced specialist systems and equipment to match the needs of modern security scenarios.

Examples of the equipment range are:

Audio and listening devices; Under-door viewers, electronic stethoscopes; Night vision and thermal imaging equipment; Infrared communication devices; chemical weapon detection devices; body scanning equipment; long range audio devices; unmanned aerial vehicles.

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