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Whatever your interest or business, if you need to import from Asia or USA/Europe, we are here to help you. With our Directors and managers resident in the UK and China and german speaking associates, we are able to assist you to source your requirements whether it is for raw material or finished products. We have particularily good resources for diverse commodities in the specialist fields of the following:
Manufactured steel and stainless steel products, Building and Civil Engineering products including Ductile Iron pipes and fittings, Car components.
Clothing, cases, jewellery, musical instruments & accessories, leather goods.
Personal care products and accessories.
Electronic specialist equipment, defence & anti-terrorist devices and a wide variety of industrial and consumer products.

lapel pin
Small detailed fabricted metal
Ductile Iron Pipes
Ductile Iron Pipes in all sizes
Toy Bear

Soft Toys
Clothes and embroidery
Carrier Bag
Plastic Carrier Bags

Musical Instruments